Company Profile

Karbel is a shirt manufacturing company founded in 1996. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Karbel has reached 4 million shirts per annum capacity, serving for many prestigious brands World-wide.Karbel has three main producĀ­ tion facilities, one in Istanbul, one in Bilecik, and one in Urfa in Turkey. Karbel also has contracted third-party production units which are used according to the market demand and to the type of product.The company is a part of KARBEL GROUP, which is operating mainly in textiles. The total turnover of the group is $ 200 million (with 2000 direct and 2000 indirect, totally 4000 employees), and among this turnover karbel has a total turnover of $ 74,3 million ($ 66,1 m for export)