KARBEL The Shirt Company

Sustainability at Karbel

As a production company, we are performing our operations fully aware that the waste resulting from our production processes has to be managed with the highest sensitivity. The residues resulting from our production activities are managed according to the hierarchy of waste management. Decreasing the waste at source, collecting it separately, provides its disposal according to the regulations, based on the waste specifications.Significantly reducing the textile industry’s environmental footprint will require a radical shift in its business model: from one based on selling ever-more new products to one based on waste prevention and resource sufficiency. We encourage our partners to use materials that have a low environmental impact. We cooperate for Recrafting towards zero waste.

We are focusing on generating inclusive growth, while at the same time reducing our ecological footprint along our value chain. We sincerely believe that economic growth and sustainability ought to go hand in hand, which is why sustainability has become a key component of our business strategy.

Through our commitment, we want to help to preserve the environmental, social, and economic assets that are fundamental for society and important to our long-term value creation. To guide the way we work with sustainability, we adhere to the global principles on the environment, labor, and human rights, anti-corruption as well as sustainable economic developments for the natural resources that we rely on in our business, we commit to pursuing recycling and reuse to create more sustainable consumption and production.